Ayodele, who leads Digital Marketing for us, loves how joining Darling allowed her to "change the game" in an ever-evolving space. She has been instrumental in drawing a follower base of over 100,000 people across the business' various digital platforms, and is excited to see what's next.

Get to know Ayodele


Pradeep currently leads the IT function for our West Africa cluster. He considers completing ERP for the business in just three months as his biggest achievement to date. He envisions a consolidated, single-system solution for the entire West Africa cluster in the near future.

Meet Pradeep

"Building brands and teams excites me!"

(loves reading, writing poems and watching movies)

June 2014: The start line

I've always enjoyed creating things - from great ideas to amazing stories. Through the entire creative process, the thought of what the outcome would be makes me super excited. I apply 110% of myself to everything that I commit to. I am always eager to self-learn when trying out something new, so I can get a better hang of something that I did not attempt previously.

December 2014: First big success

You are truly successful when you are

happy with and appreciated for your contributions at the workplace. Joining Godrej Nigeria was a great career move for me. It offered a platform for me to "change the game" in the exciting digital marketing space in such a large multinational.

I joined the business at a time when our online presence was virtually non-existent. However, I saw this as an opportunity with tremendous potential and it has been just that.

January 2015: #DigitalNative

Soon after I joined, my core function was to understand where, when and how to effectively connect with consumers across digital channels. I had to help build an engaging experience for consumers, which would deliver

tangible business results. So, I transformed into a digital native, in the true sense.


We have nearly 100,000 fans across our major digital platforms for the Darling and Tura brands. We initiated sales on our e-commerce portal in November 2014 and managed to kick off steady sales in January 2015, selling almost 3,000 products within six months alone.

I take great pride in having championed the launch of the new www.darlingnigeria.com website, which is drawing a large number of returning visitors.

Apart from a keen interest in digital, strategy, media and writing, I am also entrepreneurial and have undertaken several self-funded business projects. My ultimate goal is to marry work with passion and freedom to express my creativity. I intend to continuously use digital media to gain visibility among thousands of targeted consumers, consistently and efficiently, thus creating massive opportunity for our business.

Ayodele has a diploma in Law and Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from Olabisi Onabanjo University.


"Together we can make a difference"

(enjoys reading and learning new things).

March 2013: The start line

I joined as a Purchase Officer. It was a thrill for me to be working in a new environment where the people and culture gave me so much room for improvement.

I found it extremely rewarding to be assigned to lead tasks from early on. This was different from what I had been used to in my previous roles. I found it quite an exciting adventure! I felt respected and valued for what I brought to the organisation. The encouragement to come up with my own ideas and provide inputs to the team, meant a lot to me.

What I enjoyed the most about my new job was interacting with team members across different levels and functions within the organisation. I learned new things about the company, business and market everyday.

February 2014: Challenging challenges!

Over time, I came to learn that one can overcome several obstacles by maintaining good relationships with customers, dedication and innovation. Optimising cost through better negotiations with vendors also leads to reduction in production cost, thereby delivering more tangible benefits to the business.


I am now a Procurement Executive and firmly believe my current role is a dream come true. I have found my true calling in the procurement sector, and would like to pursue this further as my career progresses.

Godrej is a highly respected multinational, and I see new and exciting opportunities for me to build my career here. I see myself supporting critical business, delivering savings and supporting other departments, in the future.

Gege has a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA).


"I love the idea of everyone rallying together to win"

(Loves swimming, spending time with the family, watching and playing cricket)

August 2012: The start line

Joining Godrej brought with it excellent opportunities. I really enjoyed the early days, despite the many challenges I faced. I felt very proud to be a part of a large group, which has been known for its values for over 100 years now.

November 2013: MS Dynamics implementation

I put in all my efforts behind the ERP implementation for Lorna Nigeria. This would significantly improve on

our systems and processes. It also helped me personally improve on my skills, so much so, my colleagues described me as a "game changer". I was elated to receive the "Outstanding Professional Achiever" award among the whole Lorna and Darling group, a few months later.

August 2014: The new online sales order processing system

Our journey was still not the smoothest post the ERP implementation. We continued to face challenges, as we tried creating a system that would be available completely online, in real-time. I was so excited the day our senior management decided to go with one system for all. The MS Dynamics team and I worked hard to strengthen the entire system and leverage on the existing ERP system.

I was so pleased when this initiative was awarded "Best IT initiative for GCPL (2014)" at our company's Global IT conference. However, the best day for me, so far, was when I received the "Outstanding Customer Service (Internal)" award from the Darling Group.

May 2015: ERP in Ghana

After focusing solely on Nigeria, our next stop was Ghana. Our team pulled off the unthinkable. We completed ERP implementation for the local business in just three months! This was one of my most fulfilling achievements, as a manager.


I currently lead the IT function for West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana). The company's vision and exciting growth plans mean you get a chance to lead projects soon after you join. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey with Darling. My vision is to have a consolidated, single-system solution for our entire West Africa cluster. I look forward to working harder, and making this a reality for the business.

Pradeep has an MBA in Information Technology and B.Sc. (Hons) degree from Sikkim Manipal University.


"Attitude determines altitude"

(avid reader of motivational books by sales professionals; loves travelling, soccer and relationship building)

February 2013: Ready, set, go!

When I first came on board, my role involved leading primary and secondary sales for Western and Northern Nigeria.

This was around the same time that we introduced "Take over Lagos" to boost primary sales. We also put a tricycle operations system in place to harness opportunities at the secondary level.

Working on two very different initiatives offered me the chance to learn new things everyday, which was exciting. It was then that I realised that sales is really 90% people management and 10% processes. When a good leader motivates the team, the unexpected can happen.

During that remarkable work year, the biggest challenge we faced, was fierce competition in the market. I remember this frenzied time as challenging and exhilarating. I got the opportunity to learn a lot about the business, different cultures, and people-business relationships.

December 2013: My big break

After effectively and efficiently implementing tricycle operations and "Take over Lagos" with the support of my team, we grew our Lagos sales significantly over the previous year. Consequently, at our end-of-year Awards ceremony in 2013, I received the ‘Outstanding Achiever - Sales Initiatives' award – something that I am very proud of!


We have exciting times to come. Sales is being restructured to tap into the tremendous business potential. We are also carving out Lagos as a region.

Following my rich experience with Darling Nigeria over the last two years, I now have the privilege of leading the Lagos Region Sales team. I'm looking forward to working with my team to make Darling the leader in the largest hair extensions market in Nigeria.

Darling Nigeria is a place of unending opportunities and I'm keen to open more doors.

Ajose has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Adekunle Ajasin University (2007) and MBA in Marketing from Obafemi Awolowo University (2014).


"Make it happen"

(enjoys watching movies and football, reading, and creative writing)

June 2010: The start line

This was the time Godrej Consumer Products made its foray to Nigeria through the acquisition of Tura. With the announcement, we had our apprehensions about the future. However, once we met with the GCPL team, we took solace in the fact that we were in the hands of trustworthy technocrats. This trust grew with leaps and bounds over time - validated by a remarkably sharp increase in employee engagement scores.

February 2012: The leap

In 2011, Godrej acquired Darling's Nigeria business, a labour intensive organisation with about 3,000 unionised blue-collar employees. Working with the international HR team on this complex scale transition was challenging, exciting, highly demanding but also highly rewarding. This took me to a different league – managing HR for two business units in Nigeria.

November 2014: Yet another leap

About eighteen months later, I was given the opportunity to widen my scope to a new geography - Darling Ghana - with about 2,000 employees, coupled with different environmental laws and stakeholders.

The challenges were varied, but the goal was the same – to create and sustain an inspiring workplace.


I started out with managing some 100 employees in one business, to managing three businesses in two countries. Never a dull moment, there are always plenty reasons to keep me aiming and pushing for more. Our organisation's ambitious expansion plans give me assurance that the future will be brighter.

Educational qualifications: MBA, MSc, MCIPM (Member of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management in Nigeria).